21th of April to 4th of May 2013, The first student mobility

Students from Voinesti Technological Highschool in The Czech Republic

In between 21th of April – 4th of May 2013, 12 students and 2 accompanying teachers from Voinesti Technological Highschool, prof.Constantinescu Ion,school manager and prof.Isvoranu Lucian English teacher, were involved in the first student mobility in Letovice, the Czech Republic in order to accomplish the activities included in the Comenius project schedule.

During the 2 weeks of the mobility,the activities developped in agreement with the well structured timetable of our Letovice partners, so that the students of the 2 schools to be in permanent contact and communication in order to learn the basic elements of the partner's language , Czech for the Romanian students and Romanian for the Czech students. Protecting the environment and promoting the usage of green energy were the main topics and themes of activity with all the results and data involved.

Completing the dictionary and the conversation guide, debating about different green energy types,multimedia presentations, assembling the main components of a photovoltaic panel solar instalation(product of the project), theme related and data accumulating visits were some of the activities that showed the multidisciplinary aspect of the project.

The students discovered, assembling the main components of a photovoltaic panel solar instalation both the working process and the importance of solar energy and the way it can be used in our homes, accomplishing one of the main goals of the project the assembly in Masarykova střední škola din Letovice of a solar instalation able to produce electricity.